mi collection #0


I make a cup of coffee. The sun is shining. I love feel ink on my skin and live with my draw all the summer day.
A single day.
Only one.
And i have to say "good bye" when i take a shower. Ephemeral art ... hum

I need to explore to stay awake. Do you know this symbols ? They whisper something... My genesis NFT project
It was a long journey... Understand what a nft is, and its interest for artists, discover the blockchain (I fell in love with it, I bought a domain name, what am I going to do with it ?), understanding transactions with a wallet, mine my own Ether (my bank didn't want me to buy any) and to have enougth to paie gas fee, imagine a concept... As with any trip, it was ultimately not the destination that was most important. I am creative coder and connecting my ephemeral art to the digital world is exciting. I finally connect the dots.
🌕 I will release a mi's art collection every full moon, until the next new moon 🌑